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Whether it's through concept art, animated pieces or script, I am a storyteller through and through. Character development is my passion and where my focus is. I love to collaborate and like to work in a very open and honest environment. My goal in production is to make sure that every artist has a voice and can contribute to a level where they feel a sense of ownership and not just another cog. Always looking for like-minded people to work with. I welcome you to reach out and say hi. 

Born in West Covina, California. Dreamt of one day creating cartoons. Graduated with a degree in animation from Laguna College of Art and Design. During my senior year of college, I came up with a story about an astronaut dog having random adventures. After graduating I spent the next two years working at Starbucks and at a factory driving a forklift, while I wrote a 48 page pitch-bible, a pilot script, drew character designs, created animatics, and animated clips, and produced with a high school friend, Raymond Giron; who's song is the official opening theme of the Netflix series "Dogs in Space". 

Worked as Executive Producer and co-showrunner. Heavily involved with every department. Take leadership very seriously. Excited to see what comes next.   

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